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Adult Grief Support

After the death of someone close, your world turns upside down. Waves of emotion including sadness, loneliness, anger, yearning, and shock surge through you. Day to day tasks can feel overwhelming. You are exhausted at times and restless at others. You may experience a sense of disbelief and ask yourself, “How can this be real?” Grief is challenging and takes many forms. It can be overwhelming physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Perhaps you are sleeping more than usual or find that you are unable to fall or stay asleep. You notice changes in your appetite. Along with a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts and memories are unexpectedly triggered. Spiritual questions may arise. As you move along your journey towards hope and healing, being with others who are experiencing similar feelings provides comfort and support. Our groups consist of eight to twelve members. The intimate home-like atmosphere helps to create a sense of community and support where feelings and memories can be expressed. The groups allow for sharing, learning, and healing. OUR HOUSE believes no one should have to grieve alone.

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