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Cabin Big Buddies (CBBs):
CBBs are trained volunteers who will be responsible for the care of all campers assigned to their cabin. Some of the duties of a CBB include: being responsible for the care of all the children in the cabin, creating a fun, positive, supportive and energetic atmosphere for campers, welcoming campers and their families, facilitate camper and cabin-group bonding, sleep in cabins and share meals with assigned campers, accompany campers to activities, know where your assigned campers are at all times, and ENJOY A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!

Grief Specialists (GS):
Grief Specialists are typically volunteers with clinical experience (Licensed Counselors, Social Workers, Interns/Associates). Grief Specialists are assigned to support a specific cabin, helping to maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers. Grief Specialists will be assigned to facilitate pre-determined Grief Activities created by OUR HOUSE staff. Responsibilities include: working with campers and their CBBs during their scheduled grief activities, encouraging campers to engage in and process the activity. GAFs will need to transport supplies to and from their activities at camp and may be assigned to sleep in the cabins with campers and their CBBs. Grief Specialists will report to the Clinical Camp Director
and Assigned Clinical Leads on each camper and how they are processing their grief. Additional Training provided and required (see application for list of required dates)

Family Assessment Counselor:
Must have specific training in counseing or related field (Licensed Counselor, Social Worker, Associate,). These volunteers will assist with our Camp Orientation and Family Meetings on pre-selected dates. All families will attend a brief orientation of camp provided by Camp Director and then meet with trained Family Assessment Counselor to review their application and assess their ability to be successful at camp. Counselors will attend additional training (see application forrequired dates). Counselors may serve another role for camp weekend if interested/available.

Activity Assistants/Floats:
Activity Assistants are a huge part of the smooth operation of camp activities, helping with needs as they arise. This role requires flexibility in acting as a generalist by providing support and assistance to campers, camp staff, and/or camp leadership in various capacities. Activity Assistants may be responsible for relieving CBBs periodically to ensure they have a break and may assume the role of CBB if the need arises and may be assigned to sleep in the cabins with campers and their fellow CBBs.

Camp Nurse:
Responsible for all health-related issues at camp; must have a current California RN license. The Camp Nurses will assess all campers’ medical information, meet the parents/guardians of the campers to discuss any concerns prior to camp, collect all health-related items from each camper, distribute all medications necessary to all campers and will be expected to respond in all medical situations/emergencies at camp.

Responsible for photographing campers and volunteers at all activities throughout the weekend, as well as taking cabin photos and the all-camp photograph. Photographers are also asked to create a short montage video of photos to show parents at the Parent Meeting on Sunday. Must be able to bring your own digital camera and equipment and provide Camp Director with ALL photos by the end of camp weekend. Keeping within confidentiality guidelines, rights to the film and distribution of the film belong to OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center Orange County and The Eluna Network exclusively.

Logistics Crew:
Must be energetic and flexible to ensure smooth operation of camp activities and ceremonies by assisting camp Director/Leadership. Responsible for our Command Center/Volunteer Lounge. Will be responsible for ensuring that supplies are inventoried and packed for activities throughout the weekend. Other responsibilities may include setting up activities/ceremonies, setting up and maintaining snacks for volunteers and campers, transport and set up AV equipment for rituals, and/or helping the nurses with CampDoc system and registration.