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On-Site Grief Response

A death in the workplace or school setting can profoundly affect an organization’s staff and community. Daily reminders of the person who died may trigger a myriad of thoughts and emotions. It may become difficult for coworkers or classmates to concentrate, and performance and attendance may drop. A forum will be needed for the expression of shared grief.
OUR HOUSE is available to provide on-site grief support to help people cope. Our clinical staff will design a response that suits the particular setting.  Providing compassion and education to grieving employees or students allows the community to begin to heal. We offer the following services on-site or at one of our locations:

• On-site grief support in the early days following a death
• Grief education specific to the workplace or school
• Follow-up grief support groups
Providing compassion and education to grieving employees is what makes the difference between a good workplace and a great workplace.